4 Wedding Venue Marketing Tips For Real, Fast Growth
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4 Wedding Venue Marketing Tips For Real, Fast Growth

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The wedding season is a daily small window of opportunity, so you must have a solid wedding venue marketing plan in place to ensure that your location is booked for every available day in advance.

Whereas a meeting or conference venue might book out year-round, a wedding venue tends to have a more limited availability schedule, with weather and seasons being the main differentiating factor.

Booking your wedding venue far in advance benefits your business in multiple ways. When you fill-up your availability quickly you generate guaranteed revenue in the form of deposits, and because of the deposits, your bookings are more than likely going to stick. Also, when you have a high demand for your wedding venue and have a history of booking out in advance it allows you to charge a premium price.

Weddings are one of the most lucrative industries in terms of margins and what the consumer is willing to pay. The same person who might do extensive price comparison shopping and research when buying a new car will often throw all logic out the window when planning a wedding.

It’s something that’s supposed to only happen once, so that mentality carries over during the planning and booking process. Successful wedding venues focus more on offering an amazing experience, rather than pricing their venue to be the most affordable option.

Am amazing venue and experience allows you to command top dollar, and with our wedding venue marketing team as your partner, we can help position your location as the most desirable option. This allows you to command a premium price while booking out far in advance. Here are four wedding venue marketing tips to help you understand some of the strategies we implement to help your location experience fast growth.

1. Launch a Wedding Venue PPC Google AdWords Campaign

There isn’t a better way to drive instant traffic to your website than by launching a wedding venue AdWords campaign. This allows us to rank your website on the top of the search results for keywords that are highly relevant to your wedding venue location.

This is great for attracting what we like to refer to as “top of the funnel” prospects. Very few people are going to visit your website for the first time and book your wedding venue right away. They are going preliminary research several options, and our remarketing and retargeting efforts are what will pull them back, providing them with more information and offers to help push them towards a location visit and then booking.

But, to follow through with all of the other marketing efforts, we need to get them to make that initial website visit. For that, the wedding venue AdWords PPC campaign is the ticket. As soon as they click one of your Google pay-per-click ads they are added to our remarketing list.

We will generally split-test several different landing pages through the PPC campaign, from information pages that highlight the features and selling points of your wedding venue, as well as more direct pages, that offer more information – like a visual content asset such as a digital brochure or video tour – in exchange for an email address.

If we can collect an email address they can be placed directly into a follow-up email sequence that provides information about the wedding venue and then eventually offers the opportunity to book an in-person tour.

2. Optimize Your Google My Business Profile for Google Maps Visibility

Being easily discovered in the Google Maps results is highly desirable, as many business owners consider that traffic to be “free” but it’s important to understand that there isn’t such a thing as free traffic.

While you aren’t paying per-click as you do with PPC, there is a cost associated with reaching and maintaining a top organic position within the Maps results through wedding venue SEO. It’s highly competitive and it starts with your Google My Business listing.

This is Google’s local business directory and the source of data that its algorithm pulls from when rendering the search results. The foundational wedding venue search engine optimization work is done through the optimization of your Google My Business listing.

The slightest changes can make the biggest difference in ranking, and our team of wedding venue SEO experts understands how to write descriptions that help draw interest from potential customers, while also satisfying Google’s algorithm, resulting in high rankings for your listing.
 There are additional wedding venue SEO strategies that we focus on, such as link building and blog publishing to target specific keywords we want to rank your website for, but your GMB listing is a priority.

When you perform a search on Google with local intent, take a look at the results. The Map occupies a significant part of the results and it’s positioned on top. Getting your wedding venue listed at the top is a priority, as many users will not scroll past the map and look at the traditional results, where your main website could be found.

Once your listing is found within the Maps results and positioned at the top, we can then focus on ranking your website on top of the traditional organic results for keywords and terms likely to be searched for by those interested in booking a wedding venue.

3. Revamp Your Wedding Venue Web Design to Be Conversion-Focused

Your wedding venue web design needs to have a slightly different focus than other service-based businesses. You are catering to a very specific customer base that has one need – a wedding venue.

You need to appeal to their needs, wants, and desires, and do so in a way that makes them interested in learning more about your location. The best way to capture immediate interest is through visuals. Beautiful professional images of your wedding venue and professionally filmed tours work very well.

Someone planning a dream wedding isn’t going to want to read through lengthy descriptions that tell them about the property and its features. They want to see it and feel it, so deliver that to them through your website.
 Satisfying those visual desires will help increase your conversion rates significantly, leading to more phone calls and form submits for more information.

When you are spending money on traffic, whether it’s on Google AdWords, paid social media ads, or SEO, you have to make sure that you are sending those visitors to a websites that is designed to convert as many of those visitors into prospective wedding venue customers.

Our team of wedding venue web design experts can make small optimization changes to your existing website or design a beautiful new website from the ground up. It’s important to have a website that not only looks amazing visually, but also is designed to convert visitors into leads.

This is just one of the benefits of working with our wedding venue marketing agency. Our SEO, PPC, and web design teams collaborate together on all campaigns, and this type of sync allows us to deliver the best results for our clients.

A great wedding venue local marketing strategy involves blogger outreach, as it has several benefits. With so many wedding-themed blogs, both national and local, it presents great opportunities for exposure as well as an incredible SEO benefit.

When planning a wedding, wedding blogs are a popular destination, so having your venue highlighted or reviewed in a popular blog can drive a lot of exposure and referral traffic to your website. For the branding aspect, we will focus on securing placements on local wedding blogs, as their readers will have a high likelihood of needing a wedding venue in your area.

For the SEO benefit, which is links to your website, we will target larger wedding blogs. We do this because their website authority tends to be higher than local blogs, so each link earned on these blogs will have more SEO-value.

This one-two wedding venue company marketing strategy produces evergreen results. The placements we can secure via blogger outreach live online indefinitely and the links earned continue to provide long-term SEO value.

Final Thoughts

When all of the above-mentioned tips are used along with the other strategies we implement for our wedding venue marketing campaigns, we can quickly scale your business. Booking out in advance and creating a buzz allows your venue to command a premium price, as well as provide you with the security of advanced bookings.

If you’re interested in learning more about our full-service marketing for wedding venues, contact us for a complimentary website audit. Our team will look at your current online visibility and determine the best strategy to quickly propel your venue to the top of the Google search results.

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